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Emerging Platforms

Emerging Platforms


Technology is the new Trend


What do you think is the fastest growing sector in the world? It is technology and it’s progressing faster than you can imagine. To keep pace with advancing needs of your customers, Appliconic brings to you the best solutions in the field of emerging platforms.

At Appliconic, we help you identify the newest platforms for your customer’s latest technological trend needs! There are opportunities to grow your business with the use of the latest trends in the technological market. And we are here to fulfill those needs for you.

To be very precise about the new platforms in the market, people are either looking for something new or trying to do something they have never tried before.



What are the Fab Fours of the technological market?

  • Social Media
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobility
  • Big Data


How do we incorporate the ideas for your needs?

  • We focus on the market growth and keep our eyes open for all sorts of emerging trends.
  • We help you make use of the above mentioned fab fours of the technology world.
  • We believe in using hands-on experience of our own expert developers in the market.
  • We engage in market studies and documenting the changes and growth.
  • We make use of connected devices.


Connected devices: Connected devices enable sharing of data across multiple user devices via internet connection. Through app technology, you can link effectively between physical things via the internet, connects devices. We specialize in this field. Sharing huge amounts of data across the internet to multiple user devices, this is an example of an emerging platform in the market.

There are plenty of emerging platforms to choose from and we give you the opportunity to decide. You will find a solution to all your business needs related to utilizing an emerging platform at Appliconic.


  • Drones DJI Phantom: You can enjoy connectivity with DJI Phantom


  • Smartphones: we can help our clients to develop strategies for their customers and there implementation. Client can access enormous amounts of media content on their mobile devices. The experts at Appliconic have successfully worked on various video and audio platforms.


  • HUD Car Display: You can use it in your car and get a fantastic review of your speed and altitude.


  • Bluetooth devices: It supports the Bluetooth technology and enables you to use various Bluetooth gadgets.


  • iPAD based POS: Through the connectivity with iPAD POS, you can develop your business through integration and increased sales!!!

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    Client Testimonials

    • Appliconic did the full Design, Development of my companies iOS application and it turned out great. It is a very professional app, and we are very impressed with the results. We already have plans to continue working with them.

      Jacob Haire

      Trail Connect

      I have had the pleasure of working with Appliconic on several projects. The team is extremely professional and always responsive. I highly recommend Appliconic to anyone looking for a quality app to be developed.

      Ehsan Al-Kooheji

      IT industry expert

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