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Rapid Api Design And Virtualization

Rapid API design and virtualization


Why do you need rapid API and Virtualization?

What is happening these days is that mobile apps are being adopted by large enterprises in an increasing manner. This has led to increasing demands in integration of back end systems. And hence this is leading to a blockage in deployment. At Appliconic, we offer you solutions based on your needs. The co existence of APIs and web services is usually not seen. Even if they do, they are not ready for mobile devices. We bring to you, the use of rapid API design and virtualization. This platform enables you to create, provide and test APIs and web services in a very fast possible manner. It is an easy method too. It also generates API documentation related to your project to use as a reference point for beginning the project. This helps in ensuring everyone in your team works with the same pace from the beginning of the project.

You must have felt that there is always a continuous delay in development projects dealing with mobile. This is mainly because of either the delays are caused by APIs being completed or the synched development of applications and API. Discrepancies occur due to the latter approach which results in repeat of the work and hence more delays. Appliconic helps you to overcome these discrepancies with the use of service virtualization.

What we do is we enable the developers to create, introduce and test an API. We also help enable automatic documentation related to the application. This results in the creation of strong mobile apps through simultaneous working of the back end and client end developers.

The benefits from our Structure

  • Mobile app development becomes fast and efficient through proper API and web service design.
  • Better synched work between client end and back end developers using pre data due to faster release of API.
  • Creation of related documentation automatically. This helps in the review of the project before codes can be written.
  • APIs can be tested in the virtual environment.
  • When ready, individual APIs are sent to production environment.

The Appliconic Touch

It is a very important aspect for your business, to work in a parallel manner with both the mobile teams and the server teams. With our Rapid API technology, we are bringing forward exactly this concept and have given our customers a huge advantage in terms of efficiency. It is a very simple yet a very elegant way to come up with a solution.

It is a brilliant method to smoothen out the process of client server application development for your company. We believe that client driven API designs are what make it an extremely useful tool. It is basically created for the ease of the programmers and to quicken up the process of API exposure.

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    Client Testimonials

    • Appliconic did the full Design, Development of my companies iOS application and it turned out great. It is a very professional app, and we are very impressed with the results. We already have plans to continue working with them.

      Jacob Haire

      Trail Connect

      I have had the pleasure of working with Appliconic on several projects. The team is extremely professional and always responsive. I highly recommend Appliconic to anyone looking for a quality app to be developed.

      Ehsan Al-Kooheji

      IT industry expert

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