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Security And Compliance

Security and Compliance

With the right amount of planning, application security and compliance objectives can be accomplished very easily. Here at Appliconic, we help our clients deal with a lot to improve information security and document compliance. A recent necessity which has surfaced is application security and we strive to make your application secure through our solutions. It has been seen that most breaches occur at application level. We make sure to secure this vulnerability of applications.

Our solutions offer

  • Risk Assessment: The first step at application security is to realize and discuss the methodology that a hacker might use to choose targets, scour for weak entry points and execute the attack. We have come with an outlook that provides our developers with essential information as to how an attack might happen. We believe in pre exercising a scenario where a hacker tries to attack so as to enable and prepare you for future security breaches.
  • Penetration Testing: We carry out extensive penetration tests on your new applications to test them against possible threats. Vigorous testing of information, validating inputs, file formats, etc are done to make sure that the quality of your application are of market standards.
  • Decision Making: We help you decide as to which practices best suit the requirements for the application and do those accordingly.
  • BYOD network Protection: We help you secure your integrated network at the workplace. Indentifying loopholes and vulnerabilities in your system are also part of our solutions.
  • Authentication Systems: We offer several types of secure authentication systems based on your needs.

What makes us best for your Enterprise?

  • We help you identify vulnerabilities
  • We make you are ready for any kind of risk
  • We make sure that you are protected end to end

Although there are many security threats in the world of mobile, we provide enough security measures for it. We help big and small companies to curb the problems associated with security and compliance. The biggest source of data breaches happen at the application level and it is necessary for you to prevent these breaches.

We have researched and found that it is much easier to prevent security defects in the development phase rather than determining the defects after testing the already developed apps. Hence it is also much more effective to prevent the defects in the first place. We make sure that you understand the risks accompanying such situations and hence let us take necessary steps to prevent them.

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    Client Testimonials

    • Appliconic did the full Design, Development of my companies iOS application and it turned out great. It is a very professional app, and we are very impressed with the results. We already have plans to continue working with them.

      Jacob Haire

      Trail Connect

      I have had the pleasure of working with Appliconic on several projects. The team is extremely professional and always responsive. I highly recommend Appliconic to anyone looking for a quality app to be developed.

      Ehsan Al-Kooheji

      IT industry expert

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