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User Experience

User Experience

A perfect User Experience differentiates successful apps from unsettling apps in the market. Appliconic serves as your medium to achieve world class UX for mobile applications. We specialize in UX design and make sure that your users taste amazing experiences. Our methodologies used on Mobile UX expand into smartwatches, other wearables, in-car Systems and more.

Looking through the Users’ eyes

Inspecting the elements of mobile User Experience into its key components gives us a structural base for building and evaluating the best mobile experience. The relevance may vary according to devices but the context remains the same overall. We strongly believe in pre developmental research, involving a lot of survey to ascertain the needs of the users of a particular application.

UX as a work of art

At Appliconic, we believe that building a proper UX needs the subtlety of an artisan. Our designers take pride in the workmanship and design of our carefully constructed applications. The process is no less than creating a masterpiece. Here’s how we do it.

  • Modeling: We do extensive research on the existing user experience models to create a map of our own.
  • Task analyzing: We collect information and provide simultaneous actions based on the bigger target of achieving the desired result.
  • Ideation: We make strong assumptions and generate the basic ideas after research work to create an outline for the application development.
  • Wireframe: We let you choose over a variety of attractive wireframes available with us.
  • Prototyping: We create a prototype out of your selected wireframe and let you pre experience the usability.
  • Usability Testing: Finalizing the design is an important step. We test the app for its usability before approving it.
  • Accessibility: We check whether the application is easily accessible to users.

A library of Use

We also keep a code library for maintaining records of the interfaces and design patterns. This library helps us to formulate further UXs that are trending in the market and also gives you the opportunity to experience some of our works. It is also an easy gateway to upgrades or bug fixes which might be necessary in the future.




The ILF (Intuitive Logic Flow) Experience

Our UX/UI focused methodology; we combine design, function and power engineering to ensure reliability in our standards and high efficiency of our products. This methodology lets us create extremely user friendly applications.

We believe in maintaining high standards and hence keep market trend records. This gives you the upper hand over others as we leave no expenses in keeping with the market standards of your products. Our clients are most important to us and we believe in collaborating with them throughout the whole designing process. We believe that with the proper interaction with our designers, your product will reach its best outcome. We strive to achieve excellence in the field of designing and by your direct involvement with the business, it is easily achievable.


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    Client Testimonials

    • Appliconic did the full Design, Development of my companies iOS application and it turned out great. It is a very professional app, and we are very impressed with the results. We already have plans to continue working with them.

      Jacob Haire

      Trail Connect

      I have had the pleasure of working with Appliconic on several projects. The team is extremely professional and always responsive. I highly recommend Appliconic to anyone looking for a quality app to be developed.

      Ehsan Al-Kooheji

      IT industry expert

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