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A smartwatch can do thousands of new things then your old analog watch. Smartwatches have revolutionized the age old feature of a timepiece. You can enjoy all the computerized functions with the smartwatch which Appliconic has designed just for you. Enjoy the exciting experience of answering phone calls when your phone is not in your reach. Where ever you are and whatever you are doing, you can get your emails, texts and remain connected just by wearing the smartwatch that our team articulated just for you. The smartwatch is actually a wearable computer. It is way more than calculations, game playing and translations. The technological advance steps taken in the manufacture of smartwatch takes it beyond to the level of smartphone. Once use it, all your communication needs will be fulfilled.

You can use the specifically designed smartwatch for the following purposes

  • Connecting internet
  • Making calls
  • Checking caller id
  • Messaging via text or video
  • Weather updates
  • Assessment of stocks
  • Checking your location via GPS


Why choose Appliconic?

Appliconic has developed a solution of smartwatch which is user friendly and interface provides all the options that one can dream of. In terms of its efficient performance, usability, design and functions the smartwatch functionalities outcast all the ones which are readily available in the market. We can design the smartwhich can additionally perform the following functions

  • Measure heart rate
  • Calories counter
  • Distance traveled
  • Floor count
  • Time elapsed
  • Elevation
  • Pace
  • Sleep quality


Client Approach

The smartwatch solution developed by the team of Appliconic will not only increase revenues of our customers but also enhance the popularity. We can provide you smartwatch features which are a combination of unmatched ideas and advanced technology features which no one has provided before. We guarantee you work that has been done by our expert teams which produce solution of hundred percent accurate solutions.


Smartwatch can also be designed for athletic purposes and can give track of laps, speed and route and distance.


The popularity of smartwatch is increasing every day. Almost very Andriod provides a smartwatch today. It is desirable to develop smartwatch for your growing business. LG has made three smartwatches in a short duration of three months!!!

Samsung, Motorola, Sony, Huawei and Asus have also entered the market of smartwatches. The upcoming are HTC, Acer and ZTE. The work from Appliconic will be unique and quality driven. The smartwatch solutions will un-match the functionalities that are offered today. Appliconic provides 24/7 support to its clients and works according to the client’s demands.


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