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Caddy Tap

  • Caddy Tap is real time platform for On demand food ordering app, Golfers can check-in to any of their nearest golf courses, and if they want to order drinks/meal while playing golf, they can immediately order it to the golf course nearest cart, golfers can track their orders on map, and pay via credit card. Caddy Tap had 2 different apps for Golfer and cart users. This platform consists of its Back offices for administration and golf courses. Golf courses can setup their menu and manage their cart users.
    Caddy Tap

    Client: Caddy Tap, Inc.

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  • Caddy Tap
    Caddy Tap, Inc. is based in Chicago, USA. They came to appliconic based on our previous experiences in creating real time and on demand services platforms, Caddy Tap is registered with its Patents in united stated and has won several levels of investments.
  • About Company
  • Design
    When we actually got the design ideas it was several screens but after multiple revisions we crafted 3 screens checkout process, user can easily check in to any golf course, add available its items in cart, track cart user on map and pay him, Now caddy tap designs are patented Under serial number: 86640583. After finalizing design schemes we created its prototypes to check its user experience on actual devices before moving forward towards coding. During this design-testing phase we improved its usability.
  • Brand
    Caddy tap is a platform designed to serve golfers better. We have created the whole platform included of multiple back offices, apps for different platforms and for different user roles to meet this win-win situation and delivered such a great platform that every one appreciated and want to use in their golf courses. Super admin keeps the eagle eye on his dashboard and golf owners can manage their own golf courses, its orders, and their cart users, payments. Cart app works to accept new order and server that customer. Whereas golfer app is for end customer to check in to golf course and order drinks with 3 taps.
  • Challenges
    Building a real time platform with out any pooling or any older technique. Create a scalable backoffice wasn’t an easy thing to done, real time app analytics, real time ordering and with every new challenge we took them as new opportunities for us and like we already have expertise with similar apps so we did developed great solutions for every feature.
  • Solutions
    We created this platform based on SAAS model, We used MEAN stack,, amazon AWS, and native technologies for mobile apps, we developed real time API protocol as a layer so any action that needs to be done in real time can be achieved with out any other method like pooling. Now as soon as golfer check in to any golf course he get alerted if there is cart available or get error if no cart available, in case of availability as soon as a golfer submit an order, the most nearest cart user receive his order with accurate hole number with out any delay. He delivers the order and golfer completes his payment.
  • Results Obtained
    We were known we are moving in right direction so every single day with team collaboration we saw the expected results and finally created a new on demand food ordering platform for Golfer, it got patents on its design, Got a lot of investments soon after its launch, client is extremely happy and we will work with him to create its wearable and UAV apps in near future

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