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  • It was venture based in crawly,and London UK. ASAP cars provides the luxury and economical cab services. Passenger app can help them to find nearby drivers based on vicinity, it has integrated credit card payments and promo codes to get discounts and credits. ASAP cars are now working in crawly and London to provide seamless services to their clients. Every day new drivers and joining to grow this has 4 apps for drivers and passengers for both platforms iPhone and android. It has a complete back office for administration, analytics, reporting, stats, and marketing. Passenger can open his app, order nearby taxi, track him over map and pay via app. It helps drivers to get new passengers seamlessly.
    ASAP Cars

    Client:ASAP Tech

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  • ASAP Cars
    Appliconic team created ASAP Cars apps, we provided strategy, design, development, and testing services to achieve the heart-winning app. This app is backed by ASAP Tech, and has been funded by ventures of UK.
  • About Company
  • Design
    On demand services platform are actually modernization of actual business process, so before crafting such platforms team should have well understanding with existing business process, we did research of UAE market and did simple and nice designed apps for both passengers and drivers. They can easily hire, track and rate drivers. Whereas in driver app, drivers can easily get new job alerts, real time chat in app, with so many features defining beautiful user experience strategy must be appreciated. Client tested prototypes in his phones and he was so happy to meet right team for his project.  
  • Brand
    Taxi Taxi is created for taxi companies to allow their drivers to use driver app and provide booking services to passengers, passenger can choose his pickup/drop-off points and choose car type from his home screen and he will see nearby drivers in that category, when passenger request for ride, the request goes immediately to most nearest driver based on his rating and waiting time. If driver accepts call passenger will see driver coming towards him, as soon as driver reaches and passenger accepted taxi. Their journey will be started and mileage will be calculated, app allows chat/PTT/calling features for real-time communication. When they end their journey they can rate each other. Admin manages companies, drivers, passengers, trips, payments, reports, stats, analytics, and marketing.
  • Challenges
    While creating such a big platform we have to brainstorm with multiple challenges like:
    • background check of drivers
    • send request to most nearest driver
    • real time request sending/accepting
    • real time communication for chat/PTT
    • track every movement of driver on map
    • pay via app
    • track deep reports of trips and stats for analysis
  • Solutions
    We did followed up with every solution of challenge we have met, its infact an opportunity for us. We created Real time API to handle every thing in cloud layer, we user Twilio API for Phone verification, we created LocationUpdate library that tracks the movement of user’s device and update his location if there is any change in location occur to avoid extra usage of resources.
  • Results Obtained
    WoW, we usually hear this word when we deliver final app to client for his approval and while giving feedback they always involve “wow” factor. This wow cant be achived in one day, it’s a summarized result of R&D, commitment, dedication and team work. We delivered excellent results and client got funding from different ventures of UAE. He is extremely happy and satisfied with appliconic team.

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