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Allo Services (On Demand)

  • Allo Services in on demand platform for house call services, used by service providers and customers. The system overall is supposed to be working like one stop app for every home service, user can find different services on demand that he can get right now and schedule for later with credit card in app payment system working like Uber. User can book any service provider or either app chooses best rated service provider for him, he can track him over map, chat with him, and can pay and rate. Back office admin panels show the all the control features in the apps and presents all the statistics in and efficient and smart responsive admin panel.
    Allo Services (On Demand)

    Client:ByNet PVT

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  • Allo Services (On Demand)
    ByNet is an IT company that invests in big ventures, they worked with appliconic for the creation of real time on demand services platform, they selected appliconic because of our years of experience in crafting on demand platforms for traditional businesses.
  • About Company
  • Design
    Allo services backend and mobile apps design are heart catching and classic designs. Its apps can simply allow you to Find, hire, Track, Pay & rate any service provider in few clicks. whereas on service provide end he can accept or reschedule new jobs according to his visibility, track job location on map, complete it and get paid. We created multiple design revisions and minimized the app screens from 17 screens to only 5 step process with all those functionalities, we created prototype of every design and our design and testing teams tested them with clients to minimize the process and check real user experience in actual devices.
  • Brand
    Some one said “there is an app for that”, he said true! Allo services offers services for any service provider to join this platform and become the part of enterprise mobility. Its backend are specially designed for service provider companies so they can assign jobs from back office and can monitor all real stats and dashboard, reports, jobs, payments, where as super admin can manage all businesses or individual service providers, their customers, payments, reports, stats, and everything. In mobile apps customer and service provider have separate views. A customer can login and choose service category and app return nearby service provider, he can check rating and manually hire any service provider or ask app to choose best service provider for him, our app algorithm finds the best service provider for him based on multiple criteria, he can then track service provider over map, and can start and finish job, with option to chat if he is not with the service provider. Once customer finished he can pay and rate provider. On service provider app he can see his scheduled jobs, and can complete them and get paid. The best thing of this app is that any service provider can become a customer too and vice versa.
  • Challenges
    It was some thing like creating a new business that doesn’t exist before. Design was a challenge to reduce process and number of screens. Whereas while developing system real time job allocation to service providers on different algorithms, real time tracking and provide access to a user for both roles of customer and service provider at the same time and to use opposite function for different purposes was not such an easy thing.
  • Solutions
    We accept all challenges as they are matter of our growth, our target is to accomplish every challenge in all possible manners, we created a real time socket based platform that provide seamless perfection in system, On demand platform creation is one of our big vertical of business and areas of our team expertise.
  • Results Obtained
    “Wow”, This really happened with every one who have actually tested prototype, and once the app was launched every one was eager to use it. It just became a brand name, and now it works with different business and service providing companies aswell as individual service providers to provide best services to customers without any hassle. Customers can just open app and hire best service provider.

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