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  • TrailConnect is an off-road GPS Enterprise app designed to give off-roaders a way to stay connected and stay on course. TrailConnect is meant to help off-roaders of all types and all skill levels. Whether you prefer to use a truck, jeep, ATV, dirt bike, or dune buggy, it does not matter. TrailConnect will keep all off-roaders connected and allow you to enjoy your off-roading experience even more! Use TrailConnects on and offline capabilities to track and share trails with the entire TrailConnect community! TrailConnect allows you to track trails with or without service. You can also search through trails to find a new area to explore.
    Trail Connect

    Client: Haire Industries

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  • Trail Connect
    TrailConnect is the newest breakthrough in off-road technology owned by Haire Industries, they are biggest Jeep Racing group in United states. TrailConnect allows the user to track his or her trail and upload it for other users to view, comment, follow, and attempt the trail. There are many social features involved in this app.
  • About Company
  • Design
    Creating a simple, clean and modern design is an art. Before getting our hands inside the actual designs of the apps we decided to create its mockups using different tools. We user bamboo pad to create multiple variations, and every new step is defining new ways directing towards more better user experience can be achieved. Our goal was to create minimal information on map while user is doing or attempting a trail, and then social feeds to attempt/follow/comment other friends . finally we did a wonderful and heart catching design that got every one’s appreciation. We converted design into prototypes and tested the end user experience via prototype and everything was safe and sound!
  • Brand
    TrailConnect became a big name in off road trailing soon after its launch, we remember that it got sponsors from states with in first month. Trail Connect is a iPhone app integrated with its Backoffice admin panel to for administration. iPhone apps works like an offline navigator to track your trip in background and record all trail parameters, you can add location or images on map, you can search nearby trails created by other user to attempt/follow or comment them. There is a social community inside app for off roaders. Backoffice is created for better administration and to manage users’ sponsor, trails, marketing, analytics, user points, adverts.
  • Challenges
    The biggest challenge was to cache offline maps tiles inside the app to allow user to check trail, make or attempt it even when there is no GPS/Internet connectivity. It was tough thing to make a trail of continuously 24+ hours and save it in app. Download and upload map tiles from or to server in form of chunks was another challenge.
  • Solutions
    We have solved the first problem with a very elegant way and created a background library for map kit to track and save few miles data in specific range. The second problem to save large map data in app was solved by when we created sync library for map tiles to sync with online server and transfer data using an optimised API to save extra usage of mobile resources.
  • Results Obtained
    Finally we did a great job. Travelled from one city to another while using app, made 48 hours trails with out any problem, no crash no battery drain. It was a great achievement of our Mapping Team. Client was extremely happy and every day we get thanks for app users.

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